Are you looking for some extra cash till the next pay check then do not Sell your valuable items, instead pawn then with Primo’s Pawn Shop..

Primo’s Pawn Shop can pawn your expensive and valuable items for a period of time to help you through this tough economy. Don’t sell your items, don’t take out expensive loans from the bank or your credit cards just bring in your items and we will give you a generous pawn value that you can take away the same day.

The process is very simple:

1: Bring in your items for a valuation
2: Primo’s Pawn Shop will value your item
3: Primo’s Pawn Shop will offer you a generous price
4: You decide if you are happy with this offer (all our customers are always happy)
5: Complete some basic paper work (trust us the paper work is very simple and nothing like what the banks and credit cards ask for)
6: Walk away with the cash